Sell Tickets Everywhere

ktickets™ is a ticketing cloud platform that perfectly integrates multiple sale channels for your event tickets: you can choose to sell your tickets online (on the ktickets™ website) as well as at your very-own box offices (with our POS ticketing systems), both in the same time.

Ticket options

E-tickets (print-at-home): tickets bought online will be automatically sent to the attendees via email.

Custom tickets: tickets bought at the box office will be printed on high-quality thermal ticket paper with a customized design.

Mobile tickets: your attendees can pull up tickets on their smartphone (Windows Phone, iOS, Android).

Wristbands: beautifully coloured RFID silicon wristbands are available to store attendees’ tickets, as well as prepaid amounts of money and thus fulfil the role of ‘electronic wallets’ inside your event venue.

Reserved Seating

Custom venue seating map: no matter what type of space your venue is (stadium, concert hall, theatre), your event will show an accurate and detailed drawn seating map and let attendees choose their preferred area, row and seat(s).

Table seating: easily manage tables to have a clear view of where each attendee will be seated.

Attendance control

Check-ins: fast check in for your invited quests, plus easy and quick scanning of tickets to mark each entered visitor and get a real-time report of attendance and seat availability.

Real-time changes: update your seat map, mark reserved seats, and see changes reflected in real-time.

Access anywhere: your event seat map is always with you, whether on your desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Event Listing Design

Event Description: create your event, and customize your event page to include important details to share about what makes your event special.

Event Location: we’ve integrated Google Maps for your event page, so that you can show your attendees the exact location of the venue.

Mobile-Friendly: the ktickets™ website has a mobile-friendly design, looking great on mobile phones and tablets. Your attendees will enjoy the best experience on both desktops and laptops, as well as mobile devices.

Conference Speaker Profiles: when organizing a conference, highlight your speakers with their titles and photos.

Gorgeous Images: have beautiful event poster images? Add your preferred one as a hero image on your event page and bring your event listing to life.

Social Links: link your ktickets™ event page to your website and social accounts in no-time at all!

Who’s Going: we’ll showcase attendees and friends who are going to your event, spreading the word across their friends’ and acquaintance circles.