Engage Your Audience

With ktickets™, you create your event, you control when to `Go Live` with your tickets sale – it is only natural that you have access to a private dashboard, all equipped with detailed reports and analytics regarding your revenues, number of tickets sold, payouts and page visits.

Event Dashboard

ktickets™ provides you with an easy to read, real-time reporting interface – your private event dashboard, for a quick overview of all important KPIs related to your event: total number of tickets sold, number of tickets sold per type of ticket or price category, total revenue, sale revenue of each ticket type, value of tickets’ payout per each payment type, etc.

Sales Summary

Real-time sales overview, anytime at your disposal, for each of your ktickets™ managed events. No matter if you sell online, at the box office, or through partner ticketing agents – ktickets™ gives you the full report: sales by ticket type and total sales, both in number and value of tickets sold.

Attendee Summary

With ktickets™, you have full access to a detailed attendee report, the details of their orders, payouts and buying history.

Event Attendance

With the integrated access control and ticketing solution that we provide, you can track exactly how many attendees are inside at any given moment of the event, which gates have been used and how many attendees entered through each gate.

Google Analytics

Just connect your Google Analytics account to your ktickets™ event, and you can benefit of insightful tracking information related to all those who visited your event page.